Our Services

Our Services start @ 250.00/month which includes unlimited texting and ph calls as well as 2 – 1 hr in person recovery coaching sessions which can be done via ZOOM.

Our services include but are not limited too.

Recovery Coaching

With a focus on the present and future rather than what’s happened in the past, our Recovery Coaches work with those with addictions to draw on their own strengths to refrain from their addictive behaviors. This is action-oriented coaching support with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching future recovery goals.

Harm Reduction Coaching

A Harm Reduction Coach has the skills and tools to support people with solutions to reduce their risk to harm related to problematic substance use and other addictions.

Micro Dosing Coaching for Optimal Health and Wellness. Coming Soon!

WARNING! EVEN THOUGH PSYCHEDELICS ARE GAINING MOMENTUM IN TREATING MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTIONS THEY ARE STILL WIDELY ILLEGAL IN CANADA SO PLEASE ACT SAFELY AND RESPONSIBLY. We only provide information and legal resources ONLY related to micro dosing psychedelic’s for overall health and wellness purposes. We recommend that you contact your doctor psychiatrist or lawyer for further advice and legal protocol on this subject.

Why People Micro dose

To decrease or end undesirable states of being like addiction, depression anxiety ADD / ADHD mood disorders PTSD and more.

To improve desirable states of being like creativity energy focus overall productivity increased empathy increased athleticism and increased leader ship skills.

The main role of a psychedelic coach is to guide and support their client throughout their transformational journey. A coach is often involved in all stages of the psychedelic experience: preparation the journey itself and support during integration in the days weeks and months following the experience. We start from where you are right now to evolve to where you want to be. It is an interactive process during which we explore specific areas of your life, such as your career and your relationships exploring what impact addiction is having on it. We also examine together several other aspects of your personal life. The goal is to help you find your sense of meaning and purpose in life, cultivate self-awareness and achieve overall happiness and joy in your life. We help you dive deep into finding out why you need to escape your true self with alcohol drugs or any other addictive behavior that is negatively effecting your life.

We are also very excited in continuing to learn more on this relatively new and exciting wave of healing possibilities that psilocybin and other psychedelics provides in treating addiction anxiety depression PTSD and more. has now been licensed by Health Canada to produce and extract psilocybin from mushrooms for the purpose of wellness.

We have also taken the third wave micro dosing course @ and recommend you do too before proceeding with micro dosing. If you would like to learn more on this subject please visit their website. We will not coach anyone who has not taken the Third Wave Course but are willing to do course with you.

About Micro dosing

Micro dosing is the act of integrating sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics, such as Psilocybin Mushrooms, into your weekly routine for enhanced levels of creativity energy focus and improved relational skills. A few of the many benefits commonly reported were an increased ability to focus and concentrate on tasks for long periods, deeper sustained thinking about complex ideas and heightened creativity.

Benefits of Micro dosing

Improved Mood: peacefulness overall well-being calmness happiness.

Improved Focus: ability to concentrate and enhanced self-awareness.

Greater Creativity: being more open enhanced curiosity ability to shift perspectives and thinking.

Self-Efficacy: greater ambition self-motivation self-confidence.

Improved Energy: greater mental stimulation wakefulness and alertness.

Social Benefits: greater empathy deeper connection greater extroversion abilities.

Cognitive benefits: greater mental clarity better memory improved problem solving abilities.

Reduced Anxiety: reduction in both general and social anxiety.

Physiological Enhancement Enhanced: visual acuity cardio endurance reduction of migraines and higher quality of sleep.

Family Recovery Coaching

The damage to family members from the addiction of someone they love can be as harmful as it is to the person experiencing the addiction. Family Recovery Coaching works to help those affected reclaim their lives and develop the skills to positively rebuild their relationships.

Fitness Recovery Coaching

Being fit and well is a positive aspect of recovery. There are approaches that Fitness Recovery Coaches use to leverage fitness in a way that can help optimize the recovery journey.

Relationship Addiction Coaching

It’s quite common for those experiencing addiction to find themselves in co-dependent or other such unhealthy relationships that can have harmful consequences to their safety and recovery. The Relationship Addiction Coach will help you explore boundaries and create more positive relationships.

Internet Addiction Recovery Coaching

Internet addiction is described as an impulse control issue that can have debilitating effects on a person’s emotions and self-worth. Coaches focuses on improving the individual’s self-esteem and interests in other more positive aspects of life while reducing their emotional and psychological dependency on the Internet and social media.

Food Addiction Recovery Coaching

A Food Addiction Recovery Coach will work to help you consider your relationship with food, including potential food disorders, and explore healthier lifestyle choices related to food.

Sex Addiction Coaching including Kink/Fetish

Sex Addiction Coaches provide confidential support for clients with sexual addiction, as well as their partners and families.

Relapse Prevention Coaching

The work of a Relapse Prevention Coach involves identifying factors that can contribute to relapse, and ways to minimize or remove these in the life of the person working toward recovery.

Christian Recovery Coaching

A Christian Recovery Coach provides support to help those experiencing addiction as well as their families connect and grow spiritually in a way that supports recovery and finding their purpose.

Nutritional Recovery Coaching

When a substance use disorder or other addiction consumes us, we often lapse in healthy eating and, in some cases, eating regularly at all. A Nutrition Recovery Coach supports you in discovering the benefits of good nutrition to both your recovery and overall health.


This certification allows us to help families determine the best approach for providing an intervention for their family member’s addiction.

Sober Companion/Safe Transport Services

This provides a diverse range of services including transportation, 12 Step Program support, peer support and other means to bring comfort and fellowship to individuals experiencing addiction.

Please contact us anytime by email at [email protected] or please feel free to browse our website.