Do or Die... Not Quite

This is what the counsellors tell you when you’re totally broken, naïve, and scared and walk through the doors of 90% of treatment centers in North America: “I want you to be just like me so you need to DO THIS or it’s jail, Institutions or death.”

The scariest part about this is… you REALLY start to believe it and when you do – that’s when you’re in real trouble. You become “IT” as it manifests into your thinking and when you do have a setback – which is highly likely – it can become deadly because of what has been downloaded into your brain.

The “book” (The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous) and the majority of these fellowships program your brain into thinking the worst if you do slip up. You live in constant fear and negativity and even if you can stay 100% abstinent you become so scared to relapse that you start to go crazy.

The anxiety, fear, and depression until you can connect to that power greater than yourself is rarely accomplished in TIME or ever. This is especially so if you don’t believe in GOD, which is the underpinnings of the AA movement. While all of this may have worked 75 years ago, times have changed.

Although 12 step programs have had some success (less than 10%), new treatment possibilities are here and more is on the way with modern trauma educated counsellors and therapists that can and will provide you with more options than one size fits all.

It’s worth your life to consider all your options.

With passion,

Robert Emond