Connection • Purpose • Simplicity


Transformational addiction recovery coaching specializing in harm reduction.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection” Dr. Gabor Mate

Are you struggling with addiction or know someone who is?

We are a well diversified addiction coaching business that maybe able to help you.

Whether it’s harm reduction or abstinence? We are here to help you find success in achieving, maintaining and growing further into your own personal and unique recovery goals.

How I reached my own personal harm reduction recovery goals and White Wolf’s very basic philosophy in helping our clients succeed into their own personal recovery goals.

Our Philosophy

1. Connection: connecting you back to your family, your friends, your community, nature and most importantly your true inner self.

2. Purpose: helping you figure out exactly what you were put on this earth to do? and then having the courage in perusing it. What do you have passion for? and how do we integrate that into your life.

3. Simplicity: simplifying your complicated life. Figuring out and removing unnecessary stressors and triggers. Not living in excess. Less is more. More is less.


Our page provides information on many different methods of recovery and while some of these methods maybe controversial, we encourage you to have an open mind.

We believe addiction is a brain disorder caused by early childhood trauma. Addiction is also almost always manifested in emotional pain conscious or unconscious to the person who is suffering. We don’t agree or promote demoralizing labels such as alcoholic or addict. We always do our absolute best to follow the most current and up to date research on addiction and believe it is very important to use compassionate language when describing someone suffering from addiction. We encourage language such as alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder or simply a person suffering from addiction. We can together reduce stigma and help save lives just by changing our language. We work very hard every day to end the stigma currently surrounding traditional addiction programs who still insist on using such demoralizing language. A lot has changed in the mental health and addictions field since these issues first started being more openly discussed in the early 1900s and it’s about time we as a society recognize this. We are not powerless to anything in life if we are willing to do the incredibly hard inner work that addiction consumes.

Some of the things we do support in 12 step programs are the human connections it provides and its availability around the world.

Gabor Maté has said repeatedly that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection and we at White Wolf couldn’t agree more.

We realize that each person is different so we explore many options and resources in providing our clients the necessary tools for a successful recovery.

All of the coaching presented to our clients will be unique to each person letting them choose their own path at all times throughout their journey with us.

We specialize in harm reduction recovery coaching.

We also provide information on alternative abstinence based programs and modalities upon request.

What we take most pride in though is having the very special ability in transcending people who once struggled with alcohol or substance use disorder as well as people suffering from gambling addiction, food addiction, internet addiction, sex addiction, porn addiction, shopping addiction, fitness addiction, relationship addiction etc. into social and responsible users of these once destructive substances and or behaviors.

With overwhelmingly positive evidence upon us in the medical field using psychedelics in treating mental illness and addiction. White Wolf supports the legal and safe use of these medicines in a proper and therapeutic setting guided by professionals. We encourage cautious and guided exploration into Ayahuasca and Iboga for increased spiritual wellness in the fight against addiction. We support the exploration into psychedelics micro-dosing for optimal health and wellness.

“Not why the addiction – Why the pain”

Gobor Mate (www.drgabormate.com)

We are heavily inspired by the incredible work and research Dr. Gabor Mate’s has done on addiction caused by early childhood trauma as well as the healing properties in which he encourages western societies to use in plant medicine and more specifically ayahuasca.

What is a Recovery Coach

Recovery coaching is a form of strengths-based support for people with addictions or in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors.

White Wolf Recovery Coaching facilitates creative and open minded recovery coaching to people suffering from substance use disorder and other addictive behaviors that are negatively effecting their lives. We also help the family and friends of the person who is struggling.

Recovery coaching is a form of strengths-based support for people with addictions or in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors. We are ethical, responsible, and pride ourselves on being relentlessly non-judgmental in all our endeavors.

We specialize in Harm Reduction Recovery Coaching and Psychedelic’s Micro dosing Coaching and work with people who have active addictions, as well as those already in recovery. Recovery coaches are helpful for making decisions about what to do with one’s life and the part addiction or recovery plays in it. We help clients find ways to stop addiction through abstinence if that’s what they choose or reduce the harm associated with their addictive behaviors. This includes accessing resources for harm reduction, detox, treatment, family support and education, local or online support groups, or helping a client create a change plan to recover on their own.

Recovery coaches do not offer diagnosis or primary treatment for addiction and are not associated with any particular method or means of recovery. We support any positive change, helping people coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, or work on life goals not related to addiction such as relationships, work, or education. Recovery coaching is action-oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching future goals.

It is unlike most therapy because coaches do not address the past, do not work to heal trauma, and put little emphasis on feelings. Recovery coaches are unlike licensed addiction counselors in that they are non-clinical and do not diagnose or treat addiction or any mental health issues.

We have been fully trained and certified by the theaddictionsacademy.com and have also taken the Third Wave Micro dose course @ thethirdwave.co and Gabor Mate’s compassionateinquiry.com/the-approach/

We are fully licensed and insured to do coaching anywhere in North America.

Coaching Services

Our Services start @ 250.00/month which includes unlimited texting and phone calls as well as 2 – 1 hr in person recovery coaching sessions which can be done via ZOOM.

Our services include but are not limited too.

Recovery Coaching

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Harm Reduction Coaching

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Micro Dosing Coaching

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